Monday 11/01/21 @ 7:00pm




Attendees: Vanessa Grinnell, Nicole Marston Kukesh, Sarah Roy Schmal, Ben Leavitt, Danielle Reiter, Kellie Dudovicz, Sarah Roy Schmal, Carrie Russo Precourt, Kara Russo, Sonja Corliss, Heather Senz, Heather Charkowski, Kara Russo, Heather Cantagallo, Amy Hodgdon, Courtney Costa, Melanie Bergin, Laura Braffit



Membership Drive: Switzer raised the most and first grade raised the most as grade level. Paper version raised the most and donations peaked after open houses. About 30% willing to volunteer according to the form attached.


Yard Sale: Profited roughly $800. Need to advertise more for next year. Possibly charge to remove things people don’t want to take home next year. Vanessa will send follow up emails to people who rented tables to see what they have for feedback.


Raffle Tickets: Anybody who shares FB post will be entered into a raffle for a FREE Patriots raffle ticket. Extended sales to the 9th  in order to be able to sell raffle tickets at the Epping football game.



Monster Mash Up Friday Oct 29th : Two haunted hallways one being spooky, photo booth, music etc. Photo booth and music equipment will be donated for PTO to use. Asking for baked good donations to sell. Selling tickets in time slots to help flow of people. Price will be $5 per person with a $20 cap per family. We will have possibly 4 time slots. Pre-Sale will start and end the week before the event. Will seek High School students to help volunteer. We will need to limit the number of tickets sold for the event and encourage spacing between families. Heather will talk to Bill about thoughts on the event and approval.


Budget: Board members reviewed each line on the budget. Budget was adjusted accordingly. TBD Spring fundraiser will be added this year. TBD move-a-thon in February. We will re-visit and officially vote on budget at a later point.



Snack Cart: Going well but could use more volunteers.


Treasurer’s report:  Current balance around 14,000

Principal’s report: Tiger presentation coming the end of Oct. New assessment testing just finished. Working with White Pines grades K,2 and 4 will be working with Nationalist and 1, 2 and 5 will learn nature-based recess games.


School Board report: School Board is receiving so unanticipated revenue prior to meeting. Budget work sessions will be starting soon.



Meeting minute approval:  Motion to approve by Sarah Roy Schmal, seconded by Heather Charkowski, all in favor.


Motion to adjourn meeting by Sarah Roy Schmal seconded by Ben Leavitt, all in favor