Monday 01/03/22 @ 7:00pm




Attendees:  Nicole Marston Kukesh, Sarah Roy Schmal, Vanessa Grinnell, Danielle Reiter, Sarah Roy Schmal, Carrie Russo Precourt, Heather Charkowski, Mandy Murphy, Beth Boyer, Ben Leavitt, Amy Hodgdon, Kristin Galvin



Upcoming Fundraiser: Bingo Night still set for the spring date TBD. Raise Craze as a district wide fundraiser. Heather Charkowski will bring this fundraiser up at the middle school PTO meeting tomorrow for feedback. We will aim to participate in this fundraiser in January. Website to help with kindness calendars and ideas https://thegreatkindnesschallenge.com/ . Community Monday at the Community Oven set for 1/31/22 between 5pm and 9pm we will get a portion of sales. The more quests, the higher our percentage of sales. Sarah will have a raffle table set up at Community Monday. Carrie, Nicole, and Amy offered to help Sarah with Community Monday if needed.


  • Bingo Committee: Ben, Sarah, Kellie, and Danielle

  • Raise Craze Committee: Vanessa, Beth, Heather, Carrie, Nicole, and Sarah


Snack Cart: Snack Cart is going well


Principal’s report: Student council met and will be planning spirit week. ETV will record the students holiday concert and should be available the following week. With cold weather here staff will be requesting parents put student names on the window during parent pick up.


School Board report: Negotiations for teacher contracts going well, not much to report at this time.


Meeting minute approval: Motion to approve by Sarah Roy Schmal and seconded by Carrie Russo Precourt, all in favor.


Motion to adjourn meeting by Heather Charkowski seconded by Sarah Roy Schmal, all in favor