“The Great Kindness Challenge” week is coming up January 24-28th, 2022.  Using this as inspiration and to encourage kindness in our school community, the PTO will be launching our own version of a “Kindness Challenge” starting Now - January 31st.  We are using a website called “Raise Craze” to help us out.


Raise Craze is a program which facilitates fundraising for acts of kindness. Here is how it works: 

  • Students will be encouraged to perform Acts of Kindness (AoK) for each other, teachers, family, neighbors, and community -  in exchange for monetary pledges to  support their school.  

  • We will provide ideas for suggested kindness acts; or students can come up with their own ideas.  

  • Students  will create a fundraising link through the Raise Craze site and will ask for pledges from friends and family by sharing the link. (Offline donations can also be collected through a pledge sheet). 

  • Students will log, share, and track their performed AoK through their fundraising page.   

  • Pledges collected will go directly to the PTO (minus applicable administrative fees), which supports our entire school community! 


What do you need to do? 

  1. Check out this video for more information on how this fundraiser will work.  

  2. Create your student’s fundraising page here:  https://my.raisecraze.com/AZMWJU8/

  3. Share with family and friends from now to January 31st.

  4. Log Acts of Kindness (AoK) right on your child’s pledge page! 

  5. Return your pledge sheet with any offline donations by Monday, 1/31. 



  • $50 in pledges will receive a free PTO t-shirt

  • $100 in pledges will receive a free PTO sweatshirt

  • The top 3 earners will be able to choose from a selection of prizes.

  • Top classroom and top grade earners will receive an extra recess


We want to thank you all for the continued support of the PTO.  Fundraising for the PTO has been at an all-time low and our program is in jeopardy.   In order to keep supporting our school, we must make this our biggest fundraiser yet!  We have a goal to raise $20,000!  Please help us meet our goal!